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The eosinterest is a one-stop ecosystem aggregator for yield maximization. We are building a sub ecosystem with non-inflationary token supply for risk-weighted asset allocation and yield maximization. We answered below some of the frequently asked questions. Check them out and join us in our social media channels!

Website: https://eosinterest.com/

App Beta: https://app.eosinterest.com/

Whitepaper: https://eosinterest.com/eosinterest-whitepaper.pdf

Telegram group: https://t.me/EoSInterest_Network

Telegram ANN: https://t.me/eosinterestOfficial

Twitter: https://twitter.com/eosinterest

Medium: https://eosinterest.medium.com/


1. What is the problem eosinterest is trying to solve?

Defi yield farming platforms are doing a lucrative business. But, in the economic logic, much of their inflated market cap comes from minting tokens out of thin air to pay as dividends to liquidity providers and lenders. This business model creates major token supply inflation without no intrinsic value generated from economic activity.

The price is maintained by speculative holding by large holders. This is a veritable pyramid model and can go on only as long as new buyers come in or holders hold on to their bean bags. When either of the two does not happen, the model collapses. In the cryptocurrency space where token prices can much easily be manipulated, a total collapse can perhaps be averted. This would nonetheless lead to substantial price correction and hefty losses to the new buyers and holders.

2. How does the eosinterest address this problem?

Eosinterest is creating a risk-weighted non- inflationary sub ecosystem that would feed off from the Ponzi-economics of the yield farming. The objective is to benefit from the runway prices, while also leveraging against an inevitable market correction.

There are several interrelated components.

First, eosinterest has a non-inflationary token supply. The eosinterest native token (INTR) has a fixed token supply of 10,000,000. The entire token supply will be issued at the launch and will be freely circulating in the market. There will be no lockups, no team holdings, no future token issuances.

Second, eosinterest is an all-in-one ecosystem aggregator. Eosinterest automatically invests your assets in the highest yielding products in the widest set of providers: Compound, Uni, Sushi, Balancer, Harvest, Yearn, Cream, Avve etc. You can invest in any of them or in all of them from your eosinterest dashboard, follow the progress of funds in real times, and deposit and withdraw anytime. And all the while, you own your private keys and hence your assets.

Third, you will receive the yield of your assets in a stable coin (USDC, USDT, SUSD) and the native token of the eosinterest (INTR) in equal share. INTR is not minted to pay as yield ( like the other platforms do). Instead, Automated Market Maker (AMM) sells the yield of other currencies (COM, FARM, UNI etc) and buys INTR from the market at the market price. As much as the AMM buys the INTR proportionate to the yield, some users will sell INTR. Thus, the market forces will set the price.

However, 50% of yield interest that is continuously injected to the INTR token through continuous purchase will be reflected in the market price of the INTR.

Fourth, there is an INDEX fund. 10% of yield is invested and auto compounded in RENBTC and DAI. The asset value of INDEX set the floor price of the INTR token. Even when there is a major price correction, it can not drop any further than the asset value of the INDEX fund. That effectively saves token holders and future token buyers from a steep price collapse that has been synonymous with cryptocurrency


3. What do you mean by non-inflationary token supply?

The maximum supply of 10,000,000 INTR is fixed by the smart contract. It can not be minted more than that and would be issued at the launch of the platform so that there will not be any downward pressure on the token price from future token issuances.

50% of the token supply is issued through a coin offering. and 50 % through genesis mining pool over two months during the Q1 of 2021. After which there will be no future issuance of tokens.

After the genesis mining, the entire token supply will be freely traded in the market. That provides for market exposure and price discovery of the token through demand and supply of market forces.

4. What is genesis liquidity mining?

Genesis liquidity mining will provide liquidity for the platform and in turn, the platform will reward the liquidity providers with native tokens.

That is like Uber giving shares to would-be riders hoping they would ride in Uber taxis. In our case, it is the belief that the loyal users, who now have a stake in the platform would stick to it and continue to provide liquidity.

5. How many tokens will be issued in Genesis liquidity mining?

Altogether, 4,000,000 INTR tokens will be distributed during the genesis mining which will last 8 weeks. Each week 500,000 INTR tokens will be distributed at the market price.

If the yield accumulated within a week falls below the numbers required for the issuance of the full allocation of tokens of the given week at the market price, the number of tokens minted that week will be reduced commensurately. If the yield is above the threshold, tokens will be distributed proportionately to the yield generated by each member.

If the number of tokens minted during the genesis mining is less than 4,000,000, team tokens and token allocated for the ecosystem fund will be reduced proportionately. All the unclaimed tokens will be burnt. There will be no further token emission after the genesis mining.

6. What are the use cases of INTR token?

First, INTR is the native token of the eosinterest ecosystem. It has a fixed token supply of 10,000,000.

First, it is used as a medium of yield distribution of the platform. So 50% of yield is monetized in INTR token. As such, the value of INTR is decided by market forces which creates an equilibrium between incremental demand and a fixed token supply.

Second, INTR holders can participate in platform governance, they can propose and vote on the future course of operations of the eosinterest platform.

Third, INTR token will have a floor value backed by the assets in the INDEX fund

7. How can I get hold of airdrop tokens?

All information would be made available through telegram and Twitter channels. Follow our telegram, Twitter and Medium accounts. Periodic updates on the progress of the project would be made through these channels.


8. What is the INDEX Fund?

Eosinterest would have an INDEX fund which serves the following process.

(1) Given the extreme price fluctuation of cryptocurrencies, future investors of the INTR tokens can expose them to undue risk. INDEX fund provides a digital asset buffer against major price fluctuation.

(2) It also serves as a liquidation fund. Any time, the users can propose and decide with a majority vote to terminate the operations of the eosinterest and share the INDEX fund assets proportionate to their token holdings

9. How is the INDEX Fund is financed?

(a) 75% of yield accumulated through genesis mining. While the investors will receive their genesis rewards in INTR tokens, the yield swapped for INTR will be converted to BTC and a Stable coin and will be invested in the INDEX fund.

(b) 10% of the yield after that.

© The yield which comes in various cryptocurrency tokens will be converted to BTC and DAI and will be invested and auto-compounded.

(d) An index fund provides an asset-backed floor price against major price fluctuation. The assets will be held in a multi-sig wallet and will be governed by a DAO contract.

10. Liquidation of INDEX FUND

Any time, INTR token holders can decide by the majority vote to terminate the operations of the eosinterest and liquidate the INDEX Fund and share the assets therein proportionately to their holdings of INTR tokens.

Alternatively, individual users, who might need to exit their positions of INTR tokens without influencing its price, can swap their INTR tokens in return of the assets proportionately to the value of their holdings of INTR. In such a scenario, any user can send their INTR tokens to the swap contract and receive the index assets proportionately to their token holdings. Returned tokens will automatically be burnt by the contract.No new tokens will be / can be added.


11. How can I get INTR tokens?

You can get hold of INTR tokens through the following means:

1. From the pre-sale . 10 % of the total token supply will be on offer at the pre-sale. Token price will be 1 INTR= $0.40. The goal is $ 400,000

2. Main sale: The main sale will be a dutch auction which will last five days. 30% of total token supply will be issued at the dutch auction. The starting price will be $ 2.5 tentatively and the floor price will be $ .50. The price will gradually decline from $ 2.5 at the 1st hour to $ 0.5 at the 120th Hour.

3. Genesis mining: 4,000,000 INTR ( 40 % of the total supply) will be issued at the market price of the token at the given time.

4. Participate in airdrops and bounty campaign. For more information, refer to our bitcointalk bounty campaign and airdrop announcement.

5. Also, the early community members of the eosinterest network of 2018–2019, who were eligible for the community rewards will receive their tokens during the period of genesis mining.

12. How many tokens will be issued at the coin offering?

4,000,000 INTR (40% of total supply) will be issued at the coin offering.

13. What is the price of INTR?

The price of INTR will be varying depending on the specific phase.

· A). At the Pre-Sale, 1 INTR = $.04

· B) At the Main Sale Dutch Auction, the starting price will be $ 2.5 tentatively and the floor price is $ 0.5

· C) At the genesis mining, the price will be pegged to the market price of the INTR token at the time

14. Why is it called eosinterest?

Eosinterest was first mooted in 2017 to build a dividend sharing trade portal and dex that operates on eos and Ethereum blockchains. Given our emphasis on the eos blockchain, we called it eosinterest. Our emphasis on interoperability with EOSIO tokens makes us keep the name.

Eosinterest held a limited pre-sale in late 2018 and raised 600,000 BTC, ETH and XMR. However, the main sale was abandoned and all the private sale and main sale contributions were returned due to the adverse market conditions. We are one of the few teams that did not walk away with community funds. Read our telegram and medium announcements in 2018–2019.

DAO governed, dividend sharing, Multi-chain DEX. We are building a more equitable model of reward distribution in Crypto. Lean more: https://eosinterest.network

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