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Website: https://eosinterest.network

Whitepaper: https://eosinterest.network/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/whitepaper_v2.pdf

Telegram Group: https://t.me/EoSInterest_Network

Twitter: https://twitter.com/eosinterest

Medium: https://medium.com/@eosinterest

Smart contract address: https://etherscan.io/address/0xb0e4cc5071398c0b726cad389afe7d4381a96bfe


For developers: dev@eosinterest.network

ICO inquiries: ICO@eosinterest.network

Support issues:support@eosinterest.network

Free DEX listing:listing@eosinterest.network

Q: What is eosinterest.network?

A: Eosinterest. network is a dual use trading platform that is owned by the community and governed by the smart contracts of Decentralized Autonomous Companies (DAC) and Democratic Autonomous Organizations (DAO). EOSinterest platform links up a multi-chain decentralized exchange with an AI guided a trade portal.

EOSinterest is an egalitarian community venture, which is collectively owned, and dividend of the platform is shared by all members. Revenue distribution and community governance is achieved through integration of DAC and DAO contracts.


  • Scalable multi-chain decentralized exchange
  • Anonymous and Tor integrated
  • Separate ICO launching platform
  • Liquidity guaranteed by an index fund — (60% of all ICO earnings will be invested in the fund)
  • Shared liquidity with peer exchanges
  • Trans fee minting: 50% of daily platform fees rebated in EOSiNT tokens at the end of every 24-hour trading session
  • Smart contract governed dividend sharing : Share 75% of combined platform earnings every month with EOSiNT holders.

Q: Why do we want another DEX?

A: We think the crypto community has enough of wash trading and exchange driven market manipulation. All that have now turned crypto into a poisonous bubble. A lot of people have lost a good deal of money. EOSInterest DEX would not end market manipulation in the crypto market, because, over the years, from MatGOX to Bitfinex, it has become part of crypto. Take illegal market manipulation out, volume plummets and demand diminishes, and crypto will crash to the ground faster than without it. However, in the long run, it would also build trust and attract genuine investors. We believe with SEC tightening the noose on the centralized exchanges, many will go down. Distressing though, that would also create room for decentralized exchanges, which are much less implicated in illegal market manipulation.

We want to be the torchbearers of a movement that would not just decentralize, but also democratize crypto trading.

Q: What do we plan to do?

A: We are building the world’s first DAO governed community DEX and trade portal. EOSInterest.network integrates DAO contracts that enable governance through community voting and the distribution of platform revenue. The latter is important because, the community would be the immediate beneficiary, whereas centralized exchanges often make the customers trade against the exchange, which by the way is a losing game for the average investor.

Q: What makes EOSinterest.network different?

A: EOSInterest.network incorporates two elements.

First, there is a multi-chain decentralized exchange that links decentralized wallets with a scalable centralized order matching system. DEX allows automatic free token listing. 50 per cent of platform fees will be rebated to the users of the platform through EOSiNT tokens, daily. To that end, platform will purchase EOSiNT tokens upto 50 per cent of the aggregate of trading fee, daily. The remainder will be released from the reserve fund, which is only 1.8 million EOSiNT.

Second, EOSInterest.network incorporates an autonomous trading system that track EOS index, and exploits market inefficiencies through a combination of trading tools. 80 per cent of ICO proceedings would be invested in this trading fund. This effectively provides liquidity for the platform in the immediate term. Trading fund makes profit through short selling.

The owners of EOSiNT tokens have the option to stake their tokens in the platform for a period of 30 days, and receive 75 per cent of combined revenue of platform, accrued through platform fees and profits of EOS Interest trading fund. Revenue distribution is governed by EOSiNT DAO contract.

Q: Want to join us?

A: Shoot us a mail: Dev@eosinterest.network




DAO governed, dividend sharing, Multi-chain DEX. We are building a more equitable model of reward distribution in Crypto. Lean more: https://eosinterest.network