What is eosinterest?

The eosinterest (INTR) is an all- in- one- ecosystem aggregator for risk-weighted yield maximization in the community- verified cryptocurrency farming, lending and liquidity mining projects. With eosinterest, the users can manage their investment on a single dashboard setting and the eostinterest AMM routes their investment via its audited smart contracts. Eosinterest is not a yield farmer. Eosinterest does not farm aka. mint tokens as liquidity rewards. Eosinterest is an eco-system aggregator. It provides a one-stop smart contract governed ecosystem aggregator to invest in all existing community-verified liquidity farming and lending projects.

The problem

Defi farming projects, and yield aggregators are a dime…

The eosinterest pre-sale will go live on January 22. 10 am EST. ( 3PM GMT)

Here are basic information.

Presale starts: January 22- 10 AM EST

Presale ends: January 31 00.00 AM EST.

Pre-sale price : $ 0.40 ( 3200 INTR = 1 ETH)

Accepted digital currency : ETH

Number of tokens for pre-sale : 1,000,000. (1 million)

Presale tokens as a percentage of total token supply: 10%

Smart contract address: 0xe83Cf56D847585466220fA930Fb9a708d326601d

Gas limit: 30000

KYC: Contributions above 5000 CHF ( approximately 5600 USD) should complete KYC verification in the form of a scanned copy of a national identification document and a proof of…

The eosinterest is a one-stop ecosystem aggregator for yield maximization. We are building a sub ecosystem with non-inflationary token supply for risk-weighted asset allocation and yield maximization. We answered below some of the frequently asked questions. Check them out and join us in our social media channels!

Website: https://eosinterest.com/

App Beta: https://app.eosinterest.com/

Whitepaper: https://eosinterest.com/eosinterest-whitepaper.pdf

Telegram group: https://t.me/EoSInterest_Network

Telegram ANN: https://t.me/eosinterestOfficial

Twitter: https://twitter.com/eosinterest

Medium: https://eosinterest.medium.com/


1. What is the problem eosinterest is trying to solve?

Defi yield farming platforms are doing a lucrative business. But, in the economic logic, much of their inflated market cap comes from minting tokens out of thin air to pay as dividends to liquidity providers and…

Dear Eosinterest community!

As you are aware, our main sale was launched on Feb 15, 2019. However, reflective of the current bear market in the crypto sphere and depleting interest and community trust in ICOs, the community response was less than ideal. That, we understand, as a predictable behavior after many $ multi-million ICOs floundered or founders exit scammed, all but in name.

Current market conditions are not conducive for the continuation of eosinterest network main sale. …

We are set to go. Our ICO main sale will go live on Feb 15, 10.00 GMT

There are certain changes to the ICO structure due to the current adverse market conditions.
Some are indeed good for the community and others were taken for the long term sustainability of the platform.
Here are the main changes:

1. Good news is that ICO main sale- stage 1 will have the same 50% pre sale discount .
Accordingly first 1,000,000 EOSiNT tokens to be purchased in the main sale will be 0.60 USD/ eosint. …

  1. Pre-sale concluded: Statics
  2. Airdrop: Currently underway
  3. Bounty: TBA
  4. White hat bug bounty: Upcoming
  5. Main sale:Upcoming

1. Pre-Sale

Our limited community pre-sale concluded on December 19th at 23.30 GMT.

During the period of pre-sale- ( November 20- December 19th) , 900127 EOSiNT were sold, including private sale contributions and a total of $505,436 were contributed in BTC, ETH, NEO and XMR. The total value of pre-sale contributions denotes the weighted USD value of the BTC, ETH, NEO and XMR as of 23 GMT December 19, 2018.

Number of tokens sold is 90% of the tokens that were available for sale ( 1 million…

The current status-quo of cryptocurrency is a misnomer of what it is flaunted to be. It is touted as decentralized, sans middle men. But the stubborn reality is that for their transactions cryptocurrency is overwhelmingly relying on the centralized exchanges, which manipulate token price and make a killing at the expense of new investor funds.

Cryptocurrency is also extremely unequal in wealth distribution. 1,000 wallets own 40 Percent of the Bitcoin Market. As in any asset class, large individual holders and large institutional holders can and do collude to manipulate price. …

Cryptocurrency market of this year is a victim of its success of the previous year. BTC rose from US $ 952. 23 on December 31, 2016 to its all- time high of US $ 20,089 on December 17th 2017. Ethereum grew by over 100x within a year, rising from US $ 8 in January 2017 to $ 820 by the end of the year, before hitting its all- time high of US $ 1390, a fortnight later. NEO recorded the most astonishing display, rising from US $ 0.14 in January 2017 to US $ 160 in January in 2018, an…

This and next couple of articles are extracts from our whitepaper. They may not be pleasant reading to some, but for the sake of sanity and commonsense in crypto, we implore you read them. Comments are always welcome: dev@eosinterest.network

Crypto is mystic. But beneath that façade, those who have been there long enough know that it is seedy, dark, unequal and prone to scam unprecedented in any other civilized trade. All that good, bad and ugly happen routinely within a vast information asymmetry; thus until you get bitten, or even after that, you are made to think that it was…

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Website: https://eosinterest.network

Whitepaper: https://eosinterest.network/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/whitepaper_v2.pdf

Telegram Group: https://t.me/EoSInterest_Network

Twitter: https://twitter.com/eosinterest

Medium: https://medium.com/@eosinterest

Smart contract address: https://etherscan.io/address/0xb0e4cc5071398c0b726cad389afe7d4381a96bfe


For developers: dev@eosinterest.network

ICO inquiries: ICO@eosinterest.network

Support issues:support@eosinterest.network

Free DEX listing:listing@eosinterest.network

Q: What is eosinterest.network?

A: Eosinterest. network is a dual use trading platform that is owned by the community and governed by the smart contracts of Decentralized Autonomous Companies (DAC) and Democratic Autonomous Organizations (DAO). EOSinterest platform links up a multi-chain decentralized exchange with an AI guided a trade portal.

EOSinterest is an egalitarian community venture, which is collectively owned, and dividend of the platform is shared by all members. …


DAO governed, dividend sharing, Multi-chain DEX. We are building a more equitable model of reward distribution in Crypto. Lean more: https://eosinterest.network

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